Kowano Brothers Managed Major League Clubhouses

Yosh and Nobe Kawano emerged from concentration camps for the Japanese during World War II to become long-standing employees of two of the most historic major-league franchises.  They didn’t play baseball themselves, instead holding jobs that made sure major-league clubhouses were in tip-top shape to support the ballplayers.

Yosh spent nearly 65 years in the clubhouses at Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs, while Kawano had a similar job in the Dodgers organization.  Both brothers are now in their mid-90s.

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Kawano Brothers had Long Careers in Baseball

Frank and Yosh Kawano never played baseball themselves, but both had long careers in the clubhouses of major league teams.  Now in their nineties, they actually spent time in Japanese internment camps during World War II before landing jobs in baseball

Yosh spent five decades as the clubhouse manager for the Chicago Cubs, while Frank held a similar job in the Dodgers organization.

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