Alex Avila is Let Go by his Father Again

Alex Avila may be getting the impression his father doesn’t like him.  Alex was traded by the Detroit Tigers to the Chicago Cubs on July 31.  What makes this transaction unique is Alex’s father, Al, is the General Manager of the Tigers and responsible for making the deal.

But this isn’t the first time Alex has been dumped by his father.  After the 2015 season, Alex, then playing catcher for the Tigers, was granted free agency by his father, as the Tigers went in different direction at the catcher position.

Alex’s grandfather, Rafael Avila, was also involved in professional baseball as a scout and executive in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.

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Alex Aliva Finds Himself in a Tough Spot

Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila finds himself is in a rather unique situation.  His father, Al Avila, became the general manager of the Tigers earlier this year.  And while they both represent the Tigers organization, it could be a tough situation at the end of this season when Alex’s contract is up for renewal, and his father must decide whether to retain his son on the Tigers’ roster.   It could make for a rather awkward situation.

Alex was surprised by the appointment of his father as the GM, as his father had not given him advanced information about the promotion.

Al Avila is the first-Cuban born general manager in baseball.  His father, Rafael, was a long-time scouting executive for the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.

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