Bengie Molina’s Memoir About Father in New Book “Molina”

Bengie Molina, one of three brothers who played in the major leagues, recently wrote a book entitled “Molina: The Story of a Father Who Raised an Unlikely Baseball Dynasty.”  Bengie attributes the brothers’ pursuit of pro baseball to their father, Benjamin, while being raised in Puerto Rico.

Bengie, Yadier, and Jose Molina were all catchers in the big leagues, and each has won two World Series.

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Bengie Molina Writes Book About His Baseball Family

Bengie Molina, former major league catcher for thirteen seasons, and brother of current St. Louis Cardinal Yadier Molina and another former major leaguer, Jose Molina, recently wrote a book about his baseball-playing family.  But most of the focus of the book is on his father, rather than the three brothers.

Father Benjamin taught his sons to play baseball, while they were growing up in Puerto Rico.  Although Bengie Sr. was reportedly a good ballplayer himself, he had never had the opportunity to play professionally.  Instead, he turned his three sons into top-notch catchers, each of whom has won two World Series.

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Molina Brothers Are “First Family” Of Catchers

Bengie, Jose, and Yadier Molina have each reached the pinnacle of Major League Baseball–winning World Series championships. Each of them is a catcher, so you’d have to vote for them as baseball’s “first family” of catchers.

Their father Benjamin Sr. did not play professional baseball, but he was instrumental in developing each of his sons to reach the big leagues. In fact, he had a huge impact in his native Puerto Rico in amateur baseball and was acknowledged for his efforts by being inducted into the Puerto Rican Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame.

Bengie is now a coach for the Texas Rangers, while Jose plays for the Tampa Bay Rays and Yadier is an All-Star catcher with the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Cardinals Backstop Part of the “Catching Molina Brothers” Act

Yadier Molina of the St. Louis Cardinals is one of the most the well-respected catchers in all of baseball. He is the anchor of the Redbirds, the guy who is in charge on the field. He is one of three brothers who has played at the major league level. Jose is currently a catcher with the Tampa Bay Rays and Bengie is a coach with the Texas Rangers, having also played for several major league teams. Each of the brothers has a World Series ring.

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