Kuiper Brothers Keep it Friendly

Brothers Duane and Glen Kuiper might be broadcasters for opposing San Francisco Bay area major-league teams, but there’s no sibling rivalry between them and are able to keep it friendly away from the diamond.

Duane was a former major-league player from 1974 to 1985, ending his career with the San Francisco Giants.  Now he is one of the broadcasters for the Giants.

Glen had a brief minor-league career in 1985-1986 and is currently a broadcaster with the Oakland A’s.

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Kuiper Brothers Learned Value of Hard Work From Their Father

Brothers Duane, Glen, and Jeff Kuiper have had careers in baseball, but they learned the value of hard work from their father, who was not a baseball player, but a farmer.

Duane played in the big leagues from 1974 to 1985 for the Cleveland Indians and San Francisco Giants.  He is now the play-by-play announcer for the Giants.

Glen has been the play-by-play announcer for the Oakland A’s for the past twelve years, after a brief stint in the minors.

Jeff has been the producer for San Francisco Giants telecasts by Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area for 26 years.

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