Jake and Luke Matheny Form Rare Brother Battery

St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny has raised a family of ballplayers, including sons Tate, Jake and Luke.  Tate has already progressed to professional baseball and is currently an outfielder in the Boston Red Sox organization, while Jake and Luke are making their way through college baseball.

Jake and Luke are playing on the same Madison Mallards team in the collegiate Northwoods League this summer.  Luke, a pitcher at Oklahoma State, and Luke, a catcher at Indiana,  form the battery for the Mallards and are believed to be the first brother pitcher-catcher combination in the league’s history.

The situation is not unusual for the brothers though, as  they played together growing up.

There have only been a handful of brother battery mates to play together in the major-leagues during the modern day, including Elmer and Johnny Riddle (1949), Bobby and Wilmer Shantz (1955 and 1960), and Ed and Jim Bailey (1959).

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Danks Brothers Have Historic Moment

John and Jordan Danks both currently play for the Chicago White Sox. On August 25, 2013, while playing against the Texas Rangers, John was the winning pitcher. Brother Jordan delivered the game-deciding home run, in the 5-2 victory. Jordan became the first player to hit a home run in support of his pitcher brother since 1956, when Wilmer Shantz homered in support of brother Bobby for the Kansas City Athletics.

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