Brothers-in-law Javy Baez and Jose Berrios face each other in friendly competition

The Chigaco Cubs’ Javier Baez and Minnesota Twins’ Jose Berrios represented their respective teams and leagues in the recent MLB All-Star Game, and they faced each other in the third inning. They happen to be brothers-in-law.

Pitcher Berrios got the best of batter Baez, by inducing him to fly out to left field, as Berrios threw one scoreless inning in the American League’s 4-3 victory.

Other brothers-in-law currently in the majors include Manny Machado and Yonder Alonso, Brandon Crawford and Gerrit Cole, and Neil Walker and Don Kelly.

Some of the players related by marriage from the past include Carlton Fisk and Rick Miller, Jim Lonborg and Mel Queen, and Gene Mauch and Roy Smalley Jr. There are many other examples.

For more info about Baez and Berrios, click on this link from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

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