Alex Cora beats brother Joey to managerial ranks

On Opening Day, Alex Cora began his inaugural season as the manager of the Boston Red Sox.  After playing 14 years in the majors, Alex got his first major-league managerial gig with the team he helped win a World Series championship in 2007.  Last season he was the bench coach for the World Series champion Houston Astros.

Alex’s brother, Joey, was an 11-year veteran of the big-leagues, having posted an all-star season with the Seattle Mariners in 1997.  Joey has pursued managerial jobs himself, having previously interviewed for a handful of major-league jobs.  He is currently the third-base coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates and still has hopes of eventually joining his brother in the managerial ranks.

Who know, one day we might see the Cora brothers at the helm of teams competing in the World Series.

For a recent story about the Cora brothers, follow the link below at


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