Lance McCullers Jr. One of Astros’ Core of Young Stars

Lance McCullers Jr. pitched in some big games during the 2017 post-season.  His best performance came in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series when he threw four over-powering innings to help the Astros clinch the pennant.

McCullers was in his third pro season with the Astros this year, making his first All-Star team.  He is one of the bright young stars of the Astros, which also includes George Springer, Jose Altive, Carlos Correa, and Alex Bregman.

He is the son of Lance McCullers Sr., former major-league relief pitcher from 1985 to 1992 with the Padres, Yankees, Tigers, and Rangers.  His career was cut short at age 28 because of blocked artery in his shoulder.

To read more about Lance McCullers Jr., follow the link below from the The New York Times:

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