Alex Avila: He’s Back!

Alex Avila was recently signed by the Detroit Tigers, following his being granted free agency by the Chicago White Sox in November.  What makes this a unique situation is that the general manager of the Tigers is Alex’s father, Al Avila.

Interestingly, Alex had previously played for the Tigers during 2009 – 2015, including a few years as their starting catcher.  He was selected to play in the All-Star Game in 2011, when he had his best season with 19 HR, 92 RBI, and a .295 batting average.

However, when is offense declined after that, Alex became expendable and lost his starter’s job, and his father wound up going in a different direction for a backup catcher and did not re-sign Alex for the 2016 season.

So I guess one could say his father has now had a change of heart!  Oh, by the way, Alex’s brother, Alan, also works in the front office for the Tigers.  Alex’s grandfather was a long-time scout and executive in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.

Read more about the Avila acquisition by the Tigers at the link below from St. Louis Post-Dispatch:


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