Marty Bergen’s Baseball Career and Life Ended Tragically

Marty Bergen was a catcher for the Boston Beaneaters from 1896 to 1899, when he twice won National League championships with them.

His career ended when he took his life in one of baseball’s more tragic and unexplainable incidents. On January 19, 1900, he was found dead in his Massachusetts farmhouse, nearly decapitated from a slash with a straight razor.  In another room, his wife and two children were found dead from what appeared to be multiple blows from an ax.  The incident was ruled a murder-suicide, and no one ever discovered the chain of events that led to the horrible killings.

Despite being a career .265 hitter and playing only four seasons, he received votes for the Hall of Fame in 1937, 1938, and 1939.

Marty was the brother of Bill Bergen, who was also a major league catcher from 1901 to 1911. Although regarded as a good defensive player, Bill has the dubious distinction of having the all-time lowest career batting average (.170) of any player who was a legitimate regular.

For more information about Marty Bergen, follow the link below to a recent article from Call to the Pen:




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