It’s a Family Affair at the ASG Home Run Derby

Some of baseball’s father-son and brother combos were in action this past Monday night at the Home Run Derby associated with Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game.  Four of the eight derby participants this year had a relative pitch to them during the contest.

Todd Frazier, the defending derby champion from last year, had his brother, Charlie, pitch to him, as he did last year.  Charlie is a former minor league player himself.

Robinson Cano’s father, Jose, did the honors for his son by pitching to him in his derby appearance.  Jose had previously pitched to Robinson when he captured the derby a few years ago.  Jose briefly played in the majors in 1969.

Making his first appearance in the home run derby was Corey Seager, and his father, Jeff, was his pitcher during the contest. Jeff’s baseball experience included a college career at Fairleigh Dickinson.

When Wil Myers regular Padres batting practice pitcher couldn’t attend the home derby contest, Wil selected his brother, Beau, to throw to him.  Beau just completed his freshman year at Appalachian State.

To read more about the family contestants in the Home Run Derby, see the links below:

Corey Seager’s father, Jeff, has a strategy for his son’s Home Run Derby success.

Home Run Derby Is A Family Affair For Wil Myers




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