Monell Jr. Recalls Dream of His Father as Mets Player

Johnny Monell Jr. is rekindling his father’s dream of playing for the New York Mets.  He is starting the 2015 season with the Las Vegas Triple-A affiliate of the New York Mets, after a good spring training showing.

Johnny Monell Sr. spent 15 years chasing a dream to play for the Mets, but never made it.  He began his professional career as a 19-year-old in the Mets organization in 1985.  He reached the Triple-A level with the Mets, but wasn’t able to stick with the organization.  He eventually wound up playing in the Mexican League and various independent leagues, until he called it quits in 2001.

Monell Jr. had a taste of the big leagues in 2013 with a brief appearance with the San Francisco Giants.  He is in his ninth professional season.

See related story about the Monells at the link below from The New York Times:


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